Welcome to M.T. RESORT
Relax with peaceful atmosphere of
accommodation next to the beach in Thung
Makham Noi Bay, nearby Lomprayah ferry pier
(ferry to Goh Toa)


Diving at Moh Goh Chumphon by Siamcatamaran.Co.,Ltd
“ Comfortable, Safety, Impression is our hart”



Thai Massage for Relaxing

Thai Massage  Basics-an ancient art of body therapy for healing health and transformation.
Thai Massage is an interactive manipulation of the body using Passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines. These movements help to

Beach restaurant
Service - a service to the Resort Chumphon.
Massage Thailand
Beach bar
Rental equipment, mask and snorkel.
Boat tours of the islands is based at Mu Ko Chumphon.
Squid Boat Tour




















Conveniently, Safety, Impress is our heart.

M.T. Resort
13 M.3 Thung Makham Noi ,Maung Beach, Chumphon 86120
Phone:077- 558152-3,063-5109429,089-5052490 Fax: 077-558096
E-mail: mt-resort@hotmail.com
Adjacent pier to Koh Tao