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Diving at Moh Goh Chumphon by Siamcatamaran.Co.,Ltd
“ Comfortable, Safety, Impression is our hart”



Tour in Chumphon
Chumphon diving one day
Trips to the island four day trip. Select program 
T.001 (every odd day) at Koh Ngam Koh Ngam Yai Island Skull island.
Diving Chumphon Islands
T.002 main island of Koh Raet Section Lawa Island Ceylon Jew.
Diving Koh Chumphon
Experience Tour Tour T.003 squid fishing at night.
Squid Ink Tour Driver

code Route Start 5 Pax 
Price / boat
At 6 - 10 Pax
Price / pax
SB.01 Koh Lunggajiw + Koh Kula + Tong Tomyai 9,000 Baht 1,000 THB
SB.02 Koh Lunggajiw + Koh Kula 8,000 THB 500 THB
SB.03 Koh Mattra + Koh Lakrad + Koh Lawa 7,000 THB 500 THB
SB.04 Koh Ngam Noi + Koh Ngam Yai + Koh Mattra 8,500 THB 500 THB
SB.05 Koh Ngam Noi + Ngam Yai + Matrra + Lakrad + Lawa 10,000 THB 1,000 THB
SB.06 Koh Ngam Noi + Koh Ngam Yai 8,000 THB 1,000 THB
SB.001 Koh Ngam Noi + Koh Ngam Yai + Koh Kalok + Koh Talu 9,000 THB 1,000 THB
SB.002 Koh Mattra + Koh Lakrad + Koh Lawa + Koh Lunggajiw 7,500 THB 500 THB
Note * 
1. This price start at 5 persons : 1 Boat
2. Holiday season or long holiday (In Thailand)
Start Time Morning : 07:30 - 12:30 Hrs.
  Afternoon : 13:30 - 17:30 Hrs.
3. If you need to change Half-day travel time to Full day at extra charge as follows:
Weekdays THB 2,000 : 1 Boat  
Holiday season or long holiday THB 3,000 : 1 Boat  
4. No shuttle Bus service, Please go to the M.T.Resort pier. (Tung Makham Noi Bay)
5. Children under 80 cm free!
6. Park fee for foreigners , Charge for Adult THB 160 per person, children THB 80 per person.

7 If you want to eat more than 70 baht per person, choose up to 2 menus.

The boat Siam Speed cost of fuel Life jacket, mask, snorkel
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Park admission fees Tourist Insurance Marine




















Conveniently, Safety, Impress is our heart.

M.T. Resort
13 M.3 Thung Makham Noi ,Maung Beach, Chumphon 86120
Phone:077- 558152-3,063-5109429,089-5052490 Fax: 077-558096
E-mail: mt-resort@hotmail.com
Adjacent pier to Koh Tao