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Diving at Moh Goh Chumphon by Siamcatamaran.Co.,Ltd
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Reservations and payments
The process of booking and payment procedures are as follows.
1. Book in advance at the following channels:.
1. Call or Line ID  In time, 7:00 to 20:00 pm. Every day (no holiday).
21 063-5109429
21 089-5052490
21 Office: 077-558152-3 at 7:00 to 21:30 pm. Every day (no holiday).
2. E-mail: Mt-resort@hotmail.com Daily 24 hours
3. If there are any problems or suggestions. About our services, please contact the number.
Hotline: 063-5109429, 089-5052490, every day (no holiday).
2. Payment:
1. Payment by various programs Will be paid in one or two times.
Payment rate
- Rooms, ticket and One Day Trip 100% payment.  
- Package Tours Lahore payment 50%. 
- Program Tour paid 50%.
- Food packages pay 50%.
- 50% payable on booking. Or on the date specified in the quotation.
** Due to the resort To know the exact number In order not to lose the opportunity for other customers. The resort provides food and services to meet every customer.
Account Name: Keawta  Mayazes  
Bank: Bank of Commerce Thailand Chumporn branch Savings account Account number 920-2-00459-5
Note: To avoid any mistakes. Arising from payments Please make payments via bank account, only one.
3. When the payment is made.
ID Line's reservation or ID: 0635109429.    
Fax transfer slip to fax: 077-558096.
Scan transfer slip to E-mail: Mt-resort@hotmail.com.
** If paid in full Or pay the rest until the number of participants, please inform your name, age traveler. For the accident 
1. Cell phones are just for information purposes only and is not a book to be booked when he paid the informant. Then only
2. When you have money, then please call us. Or fax the remittance to the toll. 077-558096
The resort will be made to respond to the confirmation of your booking number, fax number or email address you have provided.
NOTE: Please bring the money actually came to the lobby to confirm the booking on arrival.
3. In case the transferred money and want to defer bookings or tour the resort will continue to follow.
Step cancellations / refunds.
1) In case the transferred money and want to defer bookings or tour the resort will continue to follow.
1. informed 15 days prior to departure. The resort will not be charged anything.
2. Notification less than 15 days prior to departure. The resort will be considered case by case.
Note: The resort will confirm the move within 24 hours.
2) In the event of cancellation or tours are as follows. 
1. More than 15 days prior to departure.  Charges 15% of the total amount
2. 8-15 days prior to departure.    Charges 20% of the total amount
3. 3-7 days before departure.     Non-refundable deposit But to date travel
4. Less than three days before departure. Charge the full amount of all bookings.
note :
1.  The resort will refund or assert rights to move within seven days after receiving the notice. Cancel or postpone the trip
2.   The event was scheduled to travel on the tour can not travel. Due to the fault of the resort or inclement weather, the government announced a ban because of the monsoon, the resort will be refunded in part. All itineraries without deducting any expenses.
Official negotiations disrespectful or dishonest act on behalf of another person. 
Please inform 089-5052490 thank you very much.




















Conveniently, Safety, Impress is our heart.

M.T. Resort
13 M.3 Thung Makham Noi ,Maung Beach, Chumphon 86120
Phone:077- 558152-3,063-5109429,089-5052490 Fax: 077-558096
E-mail: mt-resort@hotmail.com
Adjacent pier to Koh Tao