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Mu Koh Chumphon
Mu Koh Chumphon
       With an abundance of natural resources And many appropriate Department of City Planning , Ministry of Interior Sent a letter inviting them to the department . He sent a letter inviting them to the Forest Service . Tell US to prepare a comprehensive plan Chumphon. Since the year 2529 , and has conducted a survey of the natural resources of the provinces showed that the provinces are rich in natural resources such as mangrove forests, coral reefs, marine wildlife remains abundant natural and not to be. the beach And the island is still plentiful You have the right to determine the areas declared as areas . national park For the sake of conservation Lahore Protection and Natural Resources A tourist destination for recreation and as a source of knowledge for the sake of research . Academically And dissemination to interested parties
       Later in 2532 the Forest Department has ordered the National Park Division (Forward) conduct additional exploration . Prepare to be announced national park
The park has set up a temporary office overlooking the courtyard of his ruler in this name . " Park beach " and continue . Until the year 2540 has been temporarily relocated to the area .
Pak Khlong Tha crocodiles and operated continuously . Eventually , on February 24, 2542 , it was declared a national park completely " ordinance requiring land Wood Lane Cove THL wild bay suites and various islands in the local parish Saphli Pathio Pak Nam Tha Yang district beach Thung Kha district vision . over Muang Chumphon district included the District Executive Dan Tha Hin District Centre District Pak Tako Thung Tako district . Inland Bang Lang Suan Chumphon National Park to 2542 " published in the Government Gazette. Decree No. 116 , Volume 9 , Episode dated 24 February 2542 and was renamed
" Mu Koh Chumphon "
The Gluten- Chumphon Islands National Park
      Located along the geographical coordinates Between latitude 10 , 02'18 "N-10 , 30'05" N and longitude 99 , 07'42 "E - 99 , 25'45" E covers parts of 11 parishes in five districts. 1. Pathio district Saphli. 2. Tha Yang district, Muang district estuary beach Thung Kha district included above. 3. District Centre South district, the district included Dan Inn Tha Hin. 4. Ban Thung Tako district rebuffed mouth. 5. Lang Suan district, some fresh water.
       Mu Ko Chumphon The total area is 317 square kilometers or 198,125 acres are classified . 1. The total area of ​​about 165,696 hectares of water area , or approximately 80.5 % of the park . 2. The area of land with a total area of approximately 32,156 hectares , or approximately 19.5 % of the land area consists of the park . 17,375 hectares of mangrove forest area, 3219 hectares of islands and mountainous areas and other areas of 11,562 hectares .
       Mu Koh Chumphon The territory North Island Registration crocodile Saphli Pathio District Chumphon. South end of the bay flail some freshwater Chumphon, Lang Suan . Note the east Koh Ngam Yai Tambon Pak Nam Chumphon. West Creek Wetlands taking THL - Non Muang Chumphon.

Chumphon Beach Resort
Chumphon Beach Resort
Location: Bay County. From the municipality about 20 kilometers Chumphon .

Chumphon long sandy beach is white . Beach Hotel and restaurant near the beach was the site of the monument of Grand Admiral Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak . He established a modern fleet to Thailand . The worship of the people. Memorial consists
The shrine of Prince Chumphon The old and the new , with marble on the hill which faces the Gulf of Thailand . Dr. Herb Garden Providence Foothills Is a project of the Ministry of Health To conserve valuable herbs Inherited the spirit of " Krom Luang Chumphon states" or " I wish " of the villagers.
interesting thing Chumphon is a huge battleship , torpedo boats with a length of 68 meters and width of 6.55 meters, the ship was decommissioned on 26 November 2518 , later in 2522, the Navy awarded the ship to come . at the beach to commemorate Department of Luang Chumphon .
He was the ruler of the city It is located along the beach up a hill one km high mountain , he is the ruler of the sea at a beach . Atop a scenic beaches and islands in the sea, Chumphon far . He is the host of attractions that are ideal for relaxation and sightseeing . The pavilion provides a great view of the sea, Chumphon is a wide-angle 180 degrees .Before striking a coconut island closest to the islands such as Koh Ngam Koh Ngam Yai Island at Lawa Island Section scattered among the blue sea . In addition, he is also the ruler of plants and herbs, many to walk again .

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Come to visit the shrine of Prince Chumphon Chumphon to tote a similar purpose to come to Chumphon . Visit HTMS A white sand beach . Can swim Many restaurants 






















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