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accommodation next to the beach in Thung
Makham Noi Bay, nearby Lomprayah ferry pier
(ferry to Goh Toa)


Diving at Moh Goh Chumphon by Siamcatamaran.Co.,Ltd
“ Comfortable, Safety, Impression is our hart”



Do not jump out of the boat while the boat is running. Also, do not park there
When facing the boat to swim. Do not dive boat down the stairs because they do not know how deep the water.May lead to fractures and coral. 
You will get injuries from the crash has hit the rocks.
Wear a life jacket before every swim.
While lower legs overboard Notice how deep the water is shallow, if he could be kicked off by urchins or corals.Causing injury to the wounds.
If snorkel in the sea to immediately inform the authorities immediately.
Honor and co-location or other trips.
Do not stand or step on coral
Should not be handled Punching or sea creatures of all kinds. For the safety of yourself and nature.
No fish or marine animals of all kinds. This will affect the behavior of animals. In addition to the food we could make animals sick.
Do not leave garbage and food waste into the sea.
Do not collect corals The animals that live in the reef itself. To help conserve coral reefs for sustainable successor shortly.
Do not tease or annoyance in the water.




















Conveniently, Safety, Impress is our heart.

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Adjacent pier to Koh Tao